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Our Accounting Services create a successful foundation for your business with meaningful, well-organized financial records. Our team’s accurate and timely service will also help ensure your operations run more efficiently on a daily basis. We’re also QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors.

Magnuson, McHugh, Dougherty will act as your accounting staff, processing your transactions and providing essential reports. Our services are always tailored to your specific business needs.

Our Services

What’s the number one time consuming task for a small to medium sized business owner? Bookkeeping. Allow us to take it off your hands as we become your external accounting department. You’ll get relief from the never-ending flow of bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

As your trusted partners, we make sure you’ll never have to worry about the accuracy or reliability of your business data. You can count on our skilled professionals for everything from bill paying to sales deposits, and bank statements to credit card reconciliation, and more.

The foundation of our Accounting Services involves three key areas. Let us worry about all the details and deliver meticulous data you can rely on.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Helping ensure efficient cash management
  • Identifying lost checks or lost deposits
  • Ensuring proper transactions are posting
  • Detecting and preventing unjustified bank charges or questionable activity
  • Tracking escrow transactions

Income Statements

  • Keep a pulse on your budget status
  • Calculate your income tax liability
  • Determine specific items or expenses that are hurting your financials
  • Identify returns or refunds trends impacting your bottom line
  • Track important financial metrics

Checks and Balanaces

  • Grasp the financial strengths and capabilities of your business
  • Have up-to-date financial data for lenders and vendors
  • Know your receivables and payables trends
  • Plan proper cash reserves
  • Determine if you have any cash shortages and how to mitigate
  • Understand business growth trends and plan milestones



Your company’s general ledger is the single most important financial record you have. If it’s not properly handled, then the rest of your data won’t be reliable.


The Magnuson, McHugh, Dougherty accounting experts can review your general ledger system each month to uncover any discrepancies— like over billings or unrecorded payments. This will help paint an accurate picture of your company’s financial status.


A quick and accurate picture of your business activity is just a few clicks away with accounting services from Magnuson, McHugh, Dougherty. Plus, less time accounting means more time focusing on your priorities — like growing your Coeur d’Alene and North Idaho area business.


Are you ready to have accurate, professional accounting from local trusted experts? Then contact one of our Coeur d’Alene and North Idaho area accounting specialists below or call us at 208.765.9500.


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Michelle Schini Haneline, CPA

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Kieley Nielsen